Travel Survey Study

This summer, we are conducting a web-based travel study that aims to collect summer travel data and improve the data collection process for future TTS surveys. We have created a new version of the TTS web-survey using our STAISI survey platform.

What questions are asked in the survey?

We ask similar questions as in the 2016 TTS (click here for a summary of the questions).

We will be sending out a few variations of the survey design to test out some new features. Some of the additional questions and features include:

  • The ability to have a household survey to be broken up into several smaller surveys that can be completed by household members individually. In the past, the TTS has asked a single person in each household to report the trips made by everyone. For accuracy, this information is better collected directly from the individual, and so we allow the ability for to email out smaller surveys with questions only relevant to the corresponding individual.
  • A trip question with an interactive map interface which is used to collect information on the routes you took. The question will suggest alternative routes and will allow you to change routes by clicking and dragging points.
  • Questions at the end of the survey to collect feedback on the survey design and your survey-taking experience.

Who can participate in the survey?

We will be sending survey invitations to those who completed the 2016 Transportation Tomorrow Survey and have explicitly indicated interest in participating in future studies to improve the TTS.

However, we will open the survey invitation to anyone who is interested. If you’d like to test out our survey, please e-mail us at