Web Survey

The University of Toronto is currently undertaking a R&D project that aims to ease the survey-taking process for future respondents of the Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS). As part of the project, the University created a web-based survey building platform called “STAISI” (STate-of-the-Art Internet Survey Interface). The platform features interactive map interfaces to collect and validate precise location and trip data, including trip times, routes and purposes. This feature can potentially relieve some of the burden on respondents by suggesting likely routes based on their mode and time of travel, and allow respondents to easily modify their routes my simply dragging and dropping points on the map.

Household travel surveys developed using STAISI are currently undergoing field tests this summer.  Selected voluntary respondents from the 2016 TTS will be invited to participate in either focus group sessions or online-administered surveys. The field tests will be used to evaluate the usability of the STAISI survey design and its efficiency of collecting detailed trip data, methods of reducing household proxy bias and response burden, and experimentation with single-day and multi-day travel surveys.