Business Survey FAQ

What is the purpose of the survey?

The survey is meant to assess the viability and effectiveness of partnering with businesses to distribute future TTS surveys in order to encourage individual participation.

Why is the survey being conducted?

Household travel surveys have always been conducted by directly contacting households, normally via landline.  Declining landline use, difficulties in reaching households by cellphone, and general waning interest in survey participation by the public has led to the need to investigate alternative methods.  This trial study is required, as this is the first known attempt of partnering with businesses in the region to conduct a household travel survey.

What will the data be used for?

Data collected in this study will be used primarily to determine the willingness of businesses in the region to partner with the TTS to conduct future travel surveys.  It will also be used to check whether this method improves response rate of households and attracts respondents from all demographics, when contacted through their place of work.  Data collected about businesses will be used to understand the characteristics of businesses most willing to partner, and gain knowledge on the type of information that could entice participation in the future.

Who is funding the survey?

As with all other projects in TTS 2.0, this survey is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx, local and regional municipalities of the Greater Golden Horseshoe area, and various transit agencies in the region.

Who may be contacted for this survey?

A sample of businesses in the Golden Horseshoe area may be asked to participate.  If you wish to volunteer your business to participate, please contact us at

How long will the business survey take to finish?

The business survey will take no more than 10 minutes on the phone.

How long will the household travel survey take to finish?

The travel survey sent to employees should take around 30 minutes to finish in most cases.  This survey can be, and is encouraged to be, filled in off-hours. Employees will be able to pause the survey at anytime to continue at a later time.

Is participation voluntary?

Yes. Participation in the field test is completely voluntary. Explicit permission will be sought prior to the collection of any information from your business and prior to the start of the TTS travel survey by employees.  Participation in this field test also does not constitute any commitment to partner in future TTS.

Will privacy be maintained?

Yes. All personally identifying  information (both for businesses and employees) will be removed when the survey data collection is completed.  Businesses will also not be required to divulge employee emails, instead being provided a general corporate link to the travel survey to distribute.