Survey Method

You can now DOWNLOAD THE APP free of charge on Google Play (Android phones) and App Store (iOS/iPhone).


By installing the app on your Android or iOS smartphone, you’ve taken the first step to helping provide the data necessary for evidence-based decision-making in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

After installation, please read the Information and Consent Form presented, then answer a few simple questions about your household.

Once this is done, the app will run in the background, periodically collecting location data in the aim of producing data of high enough quality to extract a travel diary – list of trips made, with mode and purpose inferred.

Depending on which version of the app you install, you may be asked to provide information on trips made when detected (real-time prompts) or in the form of travel diary validation (looking things over quickly at the end of the day). The point of using the app is to burden respondents as little as possible. However, you are not required to provide this information on a continual basis, nor to provide this at all if you do not wish to participate in prize draws.

To qualify for prizes, simply follow the instructions in the app and provide basic information (mode and purpose) for the trips requested. When you have entered the information required to qualify for the draw, we will stop requesting any further input from you.

The data collected using these apps will allow researchers at UofT’s UTTRI (University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute) to better understand what role smartphones can play in future TTS efforts, with or without explicit user input.

Respondents who win any of our prizes will be contacted via email at the address provided in-app.