Smartphone App

You can now download the app free of charge on Google Play (Android phones) and App Store (iOS/iPhone).


Screenshots of City Logger running on Android and iOS


As part of the broader TTS2 effort, a smartphone app called City Logger was released October 2017. The team here at UTTRI will be recruiting individuals to participate in this smartphone-based data collection project. The aim, more broadly, is to prepare for a transition away from primarily landline-based surveys for collection of resident travel data in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) and move towards a mix of web, smartphone, in-person, and big data collection.

YOUR input is needed so that we can test the feasibility and real-world potential of next-generation tools and approaches. The current TTS (Transportation Tomorrow Survey) has remained essentially the same since its launch in 1986, but changes are required to deal with decreased use of telephone landlines and make the most of the potential offered by new technologies.

We hope you will agree to participate and invite you to head to for download links, FAQ and more information on prize draws carried out!