Survey Method

The field test aims to assess how effective and feasible it is to distribute future TTS surveys through places of work.

Employees of participating agencies will be sent an e-mail invitation providing them access to the web-based travel survey. Explicit permission will be sought from each individual before starting the survey and they will be given a 3-week window to complete the survey. During that window, they may pause at anytime to continue the survey at a later time.

The travel survey will be an early version of the future TTS survey designed to collect detailed travel information from your households via a new web-survey interface. You will be asked to describe all of the trips you made on the previous day in a diary format, detailing information like travel episode start and end time, trip purpose, location, and mode of transportation. Other household demographic information may also be collected.

Once all responses are collected, the researchers will analyze the results and use them to determine the framework of future TTS surveys.